Trudging through…

I haven’t started my next book yet, and the wait is killing me! I’ve still got to get through my third draft of my last book. One more draft and I can send it off. I really want to hurry to the next one, just in case no one wants this book like the last one….


Starting again?

I’m enjoying my new ‘patient’ approach. Instead of rushing the book out, I’m taking my time instead. It feels better knowing that this isn’t the final draft.

Yes, I’m starting my latest book from scratch. I had two main characters, but now I’ve got one. The story feels better than the last one. More ideas came. The initial version felt dead to me. I was bored writing it, and I felt like I had met the characters before in other books. The premise is the same though.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…

I was nearing the end of my first novel called Addictive, but I had only written 20,000 words! After a quick query in the WriteWords forum, it was confirmed that that is far too short. I was very disappointed at first, but now I am quite happy about it. I intend to increase the amount of description I use, instead of relying on the readers to flesh it out themselves, and I have included new parts in the story altogether. I feel that it will definitely be a better story with longer longer ending, which will hopefully allow the tension to escalate until the final death in the thriller takes place.

I am aiming to write 100,000 words and have so far reached only 26,000. It was a bit disheartening at first, but I have some general ideas about which parts of the story to remove and which parts could be drawn out for as long as possible. This time, going through the second draft of the first half, I am also taking care to ensure that the book is as realistic as possible e.g. the killer considers fingerprints, the trail that she leaves in her wake, etc. Hopefully there won’t be any plotholes, or too big a plothole that the readers, or one day agents and publishers, aren’t put off.

This will be a better book than it would have been before. I’m so glad that I found this WriteWords now, and all it took was a search engine query for “unsolicited mss” and there I was.

PS.I’m a very impatient person, so the thought of having to write for possibly six months or more made me want to die (okay, that’s an exaggeration!), but recently on the WriteWords forum an author called Lola Jaye, who blogged for almost a decade until her first book was published, taught me that good things come to those who wait. It is better to go at a smooth pace than to rush ahead and fail. It WILL (I hope!) happen for me one day. Not today and not tomorrow, but it WILL happen.

Dream Writer

This Is My Time…

I have been writing since I was very young and now feel ready to start trying to make things happen. At first I began to write poetry, but because it very hard to get an anthology of poetry published, I’ll focus on getting my novels out there instead in order to establish myself and take it from there.

I have started many novels in the past, but never finished any of them because I always got bored, but now I know the importance of proper planning and choosing a story that will interest me, as well as the reader. Thrillers will be my genre of choice, but I hope to also write a romance novel one day, as well as a weight loss book some time in the future.

I’m going to be using this blog to keep a note of the highs and lows and ups and downs of writing my novels, sending them off to agents and eventually trying to find a publisher who support me from the very beginning until the very end. One day, I’ll look back, hold my published book in my hand and smile because all the pain will have been worthwhile.

Keep checking back for updates and feel free to leave friendly and constructive comments.

Thank you,

Dream Writer