Don’t quit your day job.

I was sitting in my lecture, bored out of my mind, when some ideas for my current book popped into my head. If I’d been sitting in front of the PC still, I doubt that those ideas would’ve came to me, but the outside world stirred them and VOILA, next Monday, I’ll be adding them to my story!

My dream was to be a writer for a living. If I sell enough books to do this, I’ll still probably do it, but if not, it’s not the end of the world. The world can bring out so much that sitting in front of your laptop can’t, so if I’m one of those authors who only generates 10,000 or less pounds a year, so be it.



New book.

I started my fourth book this week and I’ve written 8000 words already. Actually I was torn between two stories but featuring the same characters, so I chose the ‘safer’ option. The other was darker/touched on horror elements, but this one could educate people in an important area in society. I won’t say any more. Hopefully one day you’ll read it yourself.



I’m almost at the end of the second draft. I’m working on my query again too. I was going to start querying as soon as possible, but I’ve been told that that isn’t the best thing to do. My mum will read the book, and then I’ll go over it again myself. I’ll be sticking to my Feb deadline, I suppose.

Now I’ve got another problem. I don’t which story to write next. I’ve got ideas for loads more books, especially crime ones, but Id love to write them as sequels for my current characters. Oh well. I’ll write them with new characters.


First draft done.


I finished the first draft on Sunday night. I got to 86,000 words. Now I’m going to go over it a second time, let my mum read it, and then send it off queries some time in Jan/Feb. Fingers crossed!


70,000 words met!!

I know it was fast!! Yesterday I typed up 6000 words. It flowed out of me, and it feels good to know that the crime has been solved and the final loose ends will be tied up soon. Then there’ll be one more showdown and then I’m done! My deadline was Feb/March, and I’m definitely going to be finished by then. Hopefully, after revisions and leaving it for a while so I can start something new, I’ll be ready to revisit my query and start sending them off.

Good luck to you,


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