I have been writing since I was very young and now feel ready to start trying to make things happen. At first I began to write poetry, but because it very hard to get an anthology of poetry published, I’ll focus on getting my novels out there instead in order to establish myself and take it from there.

I have started many novels in the past, but never finished any of them because I always got bored, but now I know the importance of proper planning and choosing a story that will interest me, as well as the reader. Thrillers will be my genre of choice, but I hope to also write a romance novel one day, as well as a weight loss book some time in the future.

I’m going to be using this blog to keep a note of the highs and lows and ups and downs of writing my novels, sending them off to agents and eventually trying to find a publisher who support me from the very beginning until the very end. One day, I’ll look back, hold my published book in my hand and smile because all the pain will have been worthwhile.

Keep checking back for updates and feel free to leave friendly and constructive comments.

Thank you,

Dream Writer

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  1. August 5, 2008 at 7:20 pm

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