I will be sharing my favourite books of all time here with you.

Angela and Diabola: A book for kids about twin girls. One is good and the other is pure evil. Actually, I think the book was better suited toward adults because it involves divorce, arson and murder. The ending was brilliant too.

Can you keep a secret?: A woman in on the plane and terrified of flying. They fly through turbulence and she panicks, turns to the man next to her and spills all of her secrets e.g. she’s a size 14 but pretends she’s a size 10. A few weeks later she goes to work and the man from the plane walks in…he’s her BOSS! The book is hilarious and there’s some romance in there too.

Black Ice: A crew is in the North/South Pole and their base burns down. Unable to leave for another six months, their leader goes mad and they must race him to a site where they can get food/drink. It was a great book. It started pretty slow but then the scandals and murder starts to come in and the story takes off.

Chart Throb: A book based on the reality TV craze e.g. American Idol, X Factor, etc. Three judges. Thousands of hopefuls. The funniest book I’ve ever read. I felt that the end was a bit of a let down, but the rest was brilliant!


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