Johnny Depp: I LOVE Jack Sparrow! This chracter is so unique. Depp took such a risk and continued even when the ‘big man’ (or mouse) didn’t like it. Sparrow is the best character ever.

Will Smith: It’s nice when an actor is flexible, instead of just playing the same roles all the time. He goes from ‘laugh out loud funny’ to tear jerkers. He seems like a really cool guy.

Raven Symone: Her career doesn’t seem to be going brilliantly, but I still love her because she’s such a good example to younger kids. She shows that you don’t have to go naked on stage/on film to be a huge star and it’s refreshing in today’s world where so many women are stripping off all the time.

Robin Williams: He’s so funny! Even in an interview, he was still so funny! I’d love to hang around with him because it’d be such a good time.

Tia and Tamera Mowry/Mary-Kate and Ashley: I have LOVED them both since I was small. I’d run to the TV and go crazy when their shows came on. I used to wish that I had a twin sister too, but my dream never came true lol!


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