My new website!

I’ll be keeping this one open, and when I submitting my next book (after this final draft) I’ll start posting again. In the mean time, here’s my health website.




50 pages left….

I’m almost at the end of my third draft, so I’m still on target to have my fourth done in April, so I can start sending off my queries.

Rihanna and Chris…

I guess this is a reminder to everyone that celebs aren’t perfect. For over a year, people have been saying, “Oh, they’re so perfect.” and “I wish my relationship was like theirs.” but you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

I won’t jump to conclusions until there’s more evidence, but things don’t look good….

Trudging through…

I haven’t started my next book yet, and the wait is killing me! I’ve still got to get through my third draft of my last book. One more draft and I can send it off. I really want to hurry to the next one, just in case no one wants this book like the last one….

Starting again?

I’m enjoying my new ‘patient’ approach. Instead of rushing the book out, I’m taking my time instead. It feels better knowing that this isn’t the final draft.

Yes, I’m starting my latest book from scratch. I had two main characters, but now I’ve got one. The story feels better than the last one. More ideas came. The initial version felt dead to me. I was bored writing it, and I felt like I had met the characters before in other books. The premise is the same though.

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