60,000 words goal met!!

Actually happened on Saturday/Friday. Now I’m at 62,000 words. I’m about to reveal who the killer is, then the inspector will have to make an important decision and then the he’ll reunited with his fellow officer and they’ll have one more thing to do. I’m still on target to send this book out during the Easter holiday (March-April) next year.

I’ll hopefully finish by February, leave it for a month (I’ll try!) and then go back to it for the last time. Fingers crossed that this time next year I have an agent, and even better a publisher!!

Take care,



1 Comment

  1. maxdname said,

    December 10, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    Good going… I’m still experiencing the throes of rejection. Literary agents are an understated bunch. 20 “no-thank-you’s” and counting. If you get one first let ME know.
    PS I’m better than half way with my sci fi thing. Maybe that’ll sell.

    Rule number one for selling a fiction work: finish your novel…

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