Calmer waters now.


thanks to everyone who sent me a positive message. I took long to thank everyone because I’ve been avoiding writing and agency websites. I was very angry because I felt like I gave birth and no one wanted my baby. People warned me that my topic would be hard to sell and they were right. At least I tried.

“i think you sent your book out too soon; you sent it off as soon as you’d finished it”

I planned on doing that but I’m an impatient person. I always want things to happen right now but obviously the publishing world is sloooooow for writers. I’ll force myself not to rush the next book.

“Stick with it. I had 47 rejections before I was taken up by an agent. You just need someone to ‘get you’ and it’ll all happen for you.”

I’ll remember that. Congrats on getting on your agent.

“One day you will have agents crying everywhere because they passed on your great book. ”

Definitely! I imagine that all of the time and one day it’ll be a reality for us all.

“If you built an audience on Thrillers, it’s not a large jump over to horror.”

That’s reassuring to hear. I’m worried that my Thriller fans would desert me if I started including paranormal elements.

“Just think of how cool you’ll feel when you sign a three book contract, with the other two books already written and polished!”

You keep reading my mind. Stop it it’s spooky! I’d love for that to happen.

“I kept being told my novel was “too bleak” for anyone to publish… but in the end, THREE agents all wanted to represent it.”

Thanks and congrats!


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