8 rejections…

I went through my queried agents and took off the ones who said “If we don’t respond in 2 weeks, we don’t want you” so now my rejections stand at 8. I’m sending off more today.

It’s not the rejections that get me down, but the jealousy I feel for other authors. I know they went through the same thing as me, but now they’re past it while I’m still here.

I’m about to hit 17,000 words for my next novel which is called Picture Perfect, at the moment. I’m changing that title but I don’t know what to change it to. I’m a bit worried because I’m almost halfway through the book, I think, but I haven’t even reached 20,000 words yet. At least I know I can get to 80,000 (like last time), but we’ll see. I’ll focus on writing the novel and then see where I can add bits on the second draft.


PS. If anyone knows any horror literary agents, please leave a comment. So far I’ve only seen two who have listed horror. I did read an article which said that horror is now part of the thriller genre, so maybe that’s the problem.


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