First Queries.

I sent out my first 9 queries today.

I’m not looking forward to the rejections, but I’m excited about getting the first one because then I’ll get to see how it feels. I’m trying not to have favourite agents, but when I read some of their bios, I do think “PLEASE PICK ME BECAUSE WE SOUND SO SIMILAR!”. Those rejections will probably hurt the most. A woman on a forum said that the agent she didn’t have at the top of her list turned out to be her dream agent, meaning the agent does such a fantastic job that she’s glad the others rejected her. Hopefully that happens for me too, instead of getting a horrible agent who doesn’t want to do their job.

I researched all the agents on AbsoluteWriters search engine and read what people said. If you’re a writer, research the agents before submitting. They may have fancy website, but that means nothing. Some of the top agents seem to have cheap looking sites, but that’s because they don’t need to drum up business- they’re getting 500 queries a week! It only takes a little while, so it’s worth it.

If you can’t be bothered, just imagine an agent with horrible contacts who is representing YOUR work. Yes, those 100,000 words you slaved over for ages being sold by a moron. It would be a waste of time, so research BEFORE you query. Not after, BEFORE. If you do it after they offer you representation, you’ll probably be so excited that the scandalous/scam/unprofessional side of the agency will go right over your head.


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