Second draft is finished!

Now I’m going to let my mum read it and see what she says. I’m sure if she knows that I’ll be doing horror/thrillers, so that could be a surprise for her. Currently the novel is sitting at 71,000 words. After my mum has read it, I’ll read it again and then start sending off my queries.

Now I’m going to focus on writing my query and and synopsis. I’ll get feedback from writers’ forums and then start sending them off!! It’ll be interesting to see how I take the rejections, but I hope that I will handle it well. I’ll just think of famous authors who got rejected e.g. Stephen King, and remember that just because twenty people don’t like it, doesn’t mean that no one else will like it either.

I’m also going to start writing my next book. I’m torn about which idea I should go along with next, but maybe I’ll flip a coin and see what happens.


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