R.I.P. Bernie Mac

A well known black comedian who died this week. I was shocked to hear it and it’s still settling in. I wasn’t a big fan of his, but when he was on stage I did watch and listen. He was only 50 years old. No one expects to die at such a young age and it shows that we should live life the way we want to and appreciate that we have lived another day. We forget this and I forget this all the time, but hearing about unexpected deaths such as his, brings that message back again.

So I won’t sit and complain about the word count of my novel, I won’t let future rejections get me down and I won’t give up on my dream of being one of the biggest writers in the world. I will be POSITIVE. I will focus on the huge achievement of getting my first draft done, I will focus on my ability to think of great ideas for future stories and celebrate that I have lived to see another day.

You should celebrate too.


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