Nearing the end…

Don’t panic! I don’t mean we’re nearing the end of the world, but nearing the end of my first novel!!

I’m at 58,000 words and close to reaching the end of my first novel. I just need complete the twist at the end of the book and fill in the sections from the killer’s point of view, leading up to the finale, and then I’ll be finished! I also may be redoing the finale because I think I could have built it up for longer, so there’s more tension. I don’t know when I’ll finish by, maybe next week. That would be great! I could start -rereading it, but I won’t rush things.

I’m volunteering at a charity and because I don’t get paid, I can take free things. Cool! I’ve taken folders, pens and some Writers Handbooks from a few years ago. They don’t seem to change much every year, do they? Yes, some agents have dropped off, but most of the book seems to be the same. No matter what, if it wasn’t for me taking that book, I wouldn’t be here today. My book would be sitting, at 21,000 words and not selling. I’m very grateful.

I also took LOADS of envelopes for when it’s time to send off my novels and query letters. Hopefully I won’t need too many (fingers crossed), but we’ll see what happens.

Take care,


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