Smashed writer’s block!

Yay! I’ve started writing and enjoying it again. I’m excited because I’m getting closer and close to the end. First I wrote 70-80% of the story, but then I returned to the beginning, after hearing that 21,000 words was too short, so I’ve been rewriting for over a week. It’s a much better book as a result and I’m excited about reaching the end. Very soon, probably today, I’ll be heading towards that final 20-30%.

When I’ve completely finished, I’m going to go through the final sections again, like I did with first half, and then read the entire thing. I’ll put it down for two weeks and start planning my next book (very excited about that and loving my characters already), or even let my mum read it, or even better, doboth, and then I’ll go through it again afterwards. I know that my mum isn’t an unbiased source (she loves me), but I’ll probably post some extracts on the writewords site too. Possibly by the end of September I’ll be done and ready to start organising my query letters and synopsis.

I’ve jumped ahead, as usual, and starting organising which agents I’ll submit to first. Maybe this is wrong, but I’ve leaned towards the ones that ask for email queries/first chapters submissions because a) it’s cheaper and university is expensive! and b) I feel that they’re more up-to-date than the others. When will the rest pf the publishing world catch up? I’ll rant about that another time.

Take care,

Dream Writer


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