Don’t count those chickens…

Being a writer is much harder than I thought it would be…it’s like every time you celebrate, there’s another hurdle to overcome and then at the finish line, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win. For example:

1.Think of an idea. You finally do and then start writing. If it’s not a good enough idea, you’ll stall and have to think of something else. Also, there’s a risk that someone else has already produced the same idea.

2.Finish the book. Your life might be pretty hectic but you’ve got find time to write. As a a result, a book can take over a year, maybe more then two.

3.Find an agent. You’ll have to develop a thick skin and prepare to be rejected time and time again. It’s going to hurt like nothing before (slight overexaggeration) but a lot of the best publishers don’t want to know from unsolicited (doesn’t that word sound dirty?) writers.

4.Find a publisher. More rejections and eventually, acceptance.

Before, I would have been counting those chickens, getting the frying pan and turning up the stove at this point…but today I read how someone’s book has “flopped”. The thought had crossed my mind, but hearing the hurt made that thought a reality. After years of trying, being rejected and then being accepted, blood sweat and too many tears….and no one wants your baby. It sits in the stores, gathering dust.

I’ll take the risk anyway. If it happens, it happens.


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